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The 18th Annual Intercompany Long-Term Care Insurance Conference March 18-21, 2018 - Paris Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV

Extra Value


Extra    Value    Corporate    Sponsorships    are    available    to    increase    your company’s   exposure   throughout   the   conference   events   and   materials. These   bonus   opportunities   are   cost   effective   options   that   will   help build   your   brand   recognition   and   reach   attendees   on   new   levels.   If your   company   is   a   Sponsor   of   the   conference   you   receive   a   credit   for $500-$1,500   (depending   on   your   Sponsor   level)   towards   any   of   these sponsorships! Each extra cost sponsorship is $3,000. If   you   would   like   to   purchase   one   of   these   sponsorships   or   have   an idea for a sponsorship which is not on this list please let us know ! Social Media Lounge Sponsor - Attendees will be able to refresh and recharge in the lounge adjacent to the Exhibitor Hall. Charging Station Sponsor - attendees will be able to charge personal devices during the conference. Your pick of these two: Attendee / Speaker Welcome Gift – A card or flyer with sponsorship attribution included with gift. Grand   Prize   &   Bingo   Card   Sponsor    –   Color   logo   and   credit   line   on   the Bingo Card map. The Grand Prize is a new Microsoft Surface Pro. Conference Welcome Bag Sponsor – Single color logo on the conference welcome bag which is given to all attendees. SOLD Keynote Speaker - Speaker TBD Conference Laynard Sponsor – your company’s logo on the badge lanyard of all attendees. High visibility for your company throughout the course of the conference. SOLD Mobile    App    Sponsor     –    The    Mobile    App    is    downloaded    by    all attendees and logoed to sponsor.  SOLD Hotel   Room   Keycards   –   Get   your   logo   in   the   pocket   of   all   attendees! Additional printing cost, contact for details.  SOLD